LBN 581 (HSO)

LBN 581, like many objects in the night sky goes by many names. This one is also known as NGC 7822 and Cederblad 214. This is not one of the more popular targets in the night sky and that seems a bit of a shame because it is large and, especially in hydrogen alpha, quite detailed. The oxygen III and sulfur II data are quite a bit fainter but capture enough and you get enough detail to work with.

The data for this was acquired from the last half of November through the first half of December and is just over 25 hours worth of data almost equally split among the three filters.

The brightest part of the nebula covers about 1.5 degrees by 1.5 degrees but there is faint nebulosity all around.

This is an HSO palette (red = h-alpha, green = sII, blue = oIII) and this gives a somewhat natural appearance though SII emissions are really red and not green.

LBN 581 is in the constellation of Cepheus and is a very tough target to see visually but with a hydrogen alpha filter it pops out photographically. That’s one of the things that draws me to astrophotography. I can see things with the aid of the camera that I’d never be able to see directly.

For more technical details you can see the image on astrobin.

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  1. Peggy Walker says:

    I got your link to your astrobin from Marie Lott a fellow imager. I am with the Astronomical League and I am making their 2022 calendar of women imagers. I would love to use your LBN 581 – HSO if you are so inclined. We are selling them in hopes to raise funds for my STEM budget of telescope making with Rob Teeter in the future. I send all imagers a complementary issue as a thank you for the use of the art work. If you are interested please let me know.

    Thank you.


    1. Linda says:

      Peggy, I’m happy to support a project like that! Permission granted!


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