Propeller Nebula (RGB)

The propeller nebula is one of the few deep sky objects where it is completely obvious how it got named. The “propeller” is clearly visible in the center. This is another nebula in Cygnus which is incredibly rich in nebulae.

This is a relatively short integration with 2.9 hours but about half an hour of that was from the Almost Heaven Star Party so that probably corresponds to about 4 hours of data at home.

Processing was fairly straightforward. On the RBG masters:

  • Mure Denoise
  • Dynamic Crop
  • Automatic Background Extraction

On the combined master:

  • Channel Combination
  • Photometric Color Calibration
  • Masked Stretch
  • Local Histogram Equalization
  • TGVDenoise
  • Multiscale Linear Transform (sharpening)
  • Curves (contrast)
  • Adam Block’s star de-emphasis procedure

This is the last of the data I managed from AHSP and it has spoiled me. Now it’s back to reality where all of my image data will come from the eastern Loudoun County light dome.

You can find the image at astrobin.

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