Two Years of Astrophotography, Part 1

In March of 2018 I finally began attempting to do tracked astrophotography. That is, using a tracking mount and a camera to take multiple images and combine them in the computer to produce a final result.

I’d wanted to do astrophotography for years, literally decades. I bought my first telescope with the intent of eventually doing photography with it. That never happened because the barriers to starting astrophotography were beyond me at the time.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago and the tech had improved and become more accessible. I was no longer able to resist the call.

This video documents the first year. The results aren’t pretty but they were educational. I wanted to share this in case other beginners struggle. It can be quite daunting and though I’m certainly no expert things did improve though you’ll have to wait fro part 2 to really see much of that.

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