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Cave Nebula (HOS)

The Cave Nebula, like most astronomical objects has many designations. This one goes by at least three: Caldwell 9, Sharpless 2-155 and LBN 529. It is an emission nebula with significant dust giving it a somewhat unique appearance in the sky.

This is presented in an HOS palette and while not the actual colors of the nebula does give a natural feel to it.

This was, inadvertently, the longest integration to date at 46.5 hours. Somehow the amount of data I was collecting got away from me.

The data from the system at SRO continues to be a joy to process. I actually tried to versions of this. The one which I ultimately went with which was more saturated and another version that tried to emphasize texture more than color. My eye kept being drawn to the colorful one but I’ve added in the other version below. Feel free to leave a comment to say which one you prefer and why. I’m curious to know what others think.

For all the technical details see the astrobin link.

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