Bubble Nebula (HSO)

This is another tone mapping reprocess of older data. This one also involved a palette change. The blues and purples in the original version tended toward this super hot pink covering a big chunk of the field in the tone mapped version is I opted for the HSO palette.

I also did a little bit of photoshop cleanup of an artifact left by our data collection method we used back then. We’ve since resolved that problem but it had left a bit of a blob just to the right of the bubble in the original image. I used photoshop’s context aware fill to remove it this time.

The Bubble Nebula, NGC7635, is an emission nebula in Cassiopeia. The bubble itself is actually a void created by the stellar wind of a hot, young star making it one of t he more distinctive nebulae in the sky.

The nebula is anywhere from 7,100 to 11,100 light years away according to Wikipedia.

I chose the SOH palette to help the bubble itself stand out making it appear like a jewel floating in the night in a crumpled purple blanket. Leaving the poetic imagery aside, I though it was a nice color combination.

You can find the technical details at astrobin.

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