Tulip Nebula (HOS)

The image above is a reprocessing of the data below. It’s still an HSO palette. This is a tone map process where the color, luminance and stars are all processed separately and recombined. This allows more color and detail to be gained while not bloating the stars.

The Tulip Neulba (Sh2-101) is an emission nebula in Cygnus, one of the many nebulae to be found in this constellation. This nebula is very strong in hydrogen alpha and relatively weak in oxygen and sulfur. Or at least, our images were relatively weak in oxygen and sulfur because the smoke from the fires out west has begun to impact the sky at SRO.

So, despite having 36 hours of total integration, this image was quite challenging to process. I ultimately went through six or seven complete attempts before ultimately deciding on this version as the best compromise I could achieve.

Probably at least ¾ of that data made essentially no contribution to the final stack and as a result, the image felt like one with only a few hours of data, especially in OIII. This made me flashback to 2019 when all of my images suffered from insufficient integration time.

For all the technical details, see the astrobin.

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