Barnard 352 (HaRGB)

Barnard 352 is a dark nebula in Cygnus but that means there’s also lots of hydrogen around for that red background. Barnard 353 is that smaller dark patch just above the main subject.

While, not an especially exciting nebula, this was a good test of a new imaging system. In the spring I bought a used Takahashi TOA-130. At the same time I was also upgrading my ASI1600 camera to a QHY268M. Between the Takahashi reducer taking months to arrive and a problem with the original QHY filter wheel that required replacement it took quite a while to actually get this running.

But, eventually it all came together and although I did some testing earlier this is the first complete image to come out of it. I chose B352 because it was in Cygnus and filled with stars so thought it would be a good test of how the reducer and whether my spacing was accurate. Overall it seems to be performing well. My mount, the EQ6-r Pro is really a bit challenged by this large telescope. It’s below the specified weight limit but it is quite long and definitely a challenge for the mount. Overall it worked better than I feared it would but the eccentricity is higher than I’d like, especially with ten minute exposures. I’m hoping to get a higher end mount but that will take a while. In the meantime I need to determine if I can improve the eccentricity. The guider performance was actually pretty good in overall error but the difference in error between RA and DEC was enough to elongate the stars some.

As the nebula itself, it is located just north of the North America Nebula. Other than that I haven’t been able to find out much about in a an admittedly cursory search.

You can find all the technical details at astrobin.

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