Lion Nebula (SHO)

I reprocessed the Lion with the tone map technique and it’s converting me to be a fan of SHO. Unlike the original version that was a modified SHO, this is not modified at all. It is somewhat tighter cropped than the original .

This is the Lion nebula (Sh2-132) or rather the “head” of the lion. The full nebula is too large to fit into the field of view on this instrument.

This nebula is estimated to be 1,000 to 1,200 light years away and the full nebula covers about 2 degrees of sky though our field here is only about half a degree.

This a modified SHO palette where a gentle “s-curve” has been applied to the hues to create more color separation while still maintaining the sense of continuous variation in the color.

This is not quite 24 hours of integration though it took nearly 44 hours of integration to get 24 good hours. The smoke out in California played havoc with the data.

For all the technical details see astrobin.

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