TAIC Messier 33 Workshop

Eric Coles of The Astro Imaging Channel supplied some amazing data of M33 for people to process and eight lucky people got to present their processing interpretations of the data on the show. I was asked to be one of the eight.

The funny thing is that in the six to eight weeks since I submitted my image and was asked to participate my approach to processing galaxies has actually shifted somewhat. Hopefully I can do a post on that soon. The great thing is Eric’s data is still available for people to try. You can find it at https://www.theastroimagingchannel.org/taic-workshop. Odds are that URL will change in the future but for now it’s the right link. Eric’s data is incredible. Some of the cleanest data I’ve ever seen. It’s worth checking out to see what truly good data looks like!

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