Whale and HockeyStick Galaxies (RGB)


The Whale Galaxy (top right) is a barred spiral galaxy seen edge on. It has a catalog number of NGC 4631. Just above it is the dwarf elliptical galaxy NGC 4627. They are about 30 million light years away.

The Hockey Stick Galaxy also known as the Crowbar Galaxy has two NGC numbers, 4656 and 47657. It is also around 30 million light years away. Like the Whale, t is also a barred spiral but is warped because of gravitational interaction with several other galaxies. Scientists think that the Whale and Hockey Stick along with a bunch of other galaxies are gravitationally interacting which is what causes the distortion to the shape.

These and the many small background galaxies are in the constellation Canes Venatici.

This is just under six hours of RGB data. For all the technical details, see astrobin.

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