The Ghost of Cassiopeia (HSO)

The Ghost of Cassiopeia, IC 63 and IC 59, is an emission nebula in, not surprisingly, Cassiopeia. This is a fairly faint nebula and has the unfortunate fate of being near the very bright star Navi. Navi left a giant halo around it and reflections all over the frame. That caused me to crop the frame a lot tighter than I was planning. I actually think I like this framing better than the original but it did cause me to sacrifice some interesting nebulosity off the right of the frame. The top was mostly just reflections and halo so not worth saving.

This is 38 hours of data and more could have been used but at this point it would have taken 70+ total hours to make a really noticeable difference.

I chose the HSO palette because the orange result seemed to thematically match the nebula’s name (i.e. it was appropriately “ghostly”).

The nebula itself is relatively close at about 590 light years. It’s also going to be relatively short lived as the radiation from Navi will eventually blow away the gas making up the nebula. What “short lived” means is a bit vague though. Certainly not likely to be considered short lived on human time scales.

You can find all the technical details at astrobin.

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