Three Planets And A Moon

I wish I’d been thinking about this in advance and had time to pull out the DSLR. Unfortunately, I was trying to image with the telescope that night and only had a few moments to grab a quick snap with the iPhone.

The media tends to make a big deal out of alignments like this and I guess any astronomy press is worthwhile but the planets are always essentially lined up along the ecliptic. This night we just happened to have three of them fairly close together and then the moon photobombed us.

There is some “hidden” interest in the image. If you draw a line from Jupiter through Saturn and extend it about half way to the Moon is where Pluto is lurking. It is far too dim to show up in this image but it’s kind of cool to know it’s out there. If we could extend the image off the top left corner, Neptune would be lurking. It would also be too dim to see in this image, but, again, it’s out there.

The blue smudge just above to roofline of the house is some sort of artifact. I took several images and it moved around from frame to frame randomly. It’s probably some sort of reflection artifact.

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